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Nearly all my cats haven't run away ::

<s>Robot</s> :: Bear :: <s>Moon Unit</s> :: Roswell :: Poppy :: Atari <s>TRK</s>

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Nu Rave = POO
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*good* films, banning all escalators, bear, beer, being *three* really, benign kitten dictatorships, building my nuclear shelter, chasing string, extreme urban gardening, feeding ham to cats, hugging cats, iams, imaginary beasties in chimneys, interesting sculpture, kitten world domination, kittens in my haus, little baby alive kittens, little baby kitten roswell, mewing like a cat, misty the cat, moon unit, mu's white smudgey face, my friends, not tidying up, real baby alive kittens, robot, robotfindskitten, roswell, scritching the bear's chin, sitting_in_a_field_all_weekend - aka glastonbury!, sleeping all day, stalking leonard cohen, stroking robot's ears, taking kittens to work, watching roswell grow up, world domination through catfur

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